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 Best Car Amplifiers 2018 Reviews

Your car is incomplete without an amplifier. Because the amplifier takes your vehicle’s audio system to the next level. So we got seven best car amplifiers for you.

  • These best amplifiers are specially designed for the cars with high RMS power rating to produce max quality sound.
  • Regardless of their high power, these amplifiers are compact acquiring little space in your car.
  • Best car amplifiers have special filters so that your sound quality remains uncompromised.
  • The Casing of these amplifiers is made of metal, so you don’t need to worry about structural damage.
  • These best amplifiers come with the protection mode, so in case amplifier goes too hot or speaker is causing a short it shuts off automatically.

Reviews About  7 Best Car Amplifiers

Rockville dB12 2000 Watt Car Amplifier

Rockville dB12
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This best car amplifier uses mute and delays soft start system to provide you smooth listening experience. It belongs to class B amplifier having no energy loss due to its bias conditions making it more efficient.

MOSFET power supply in this amplifier gives high volume sound using maximum single pulse avalanche energy. Its safe operations are carried out by IC controlled protection circuitry.

Including other high-end facilities, this amplifier also has power and protection LED display, and It provides continuous look after of the amplifier. The first impression is the last impression so this amplifier beautiful it has LED Illuminated logo.

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 Punch BRT


Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 Punch BRT
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This Rockford Fosgate is a 4 channel amplifier designed especially for stereo front/rear systems. Unlike other amps, the installation of this amplifier is easy and straightforward. So it can be used in motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

Overheating is a problem for the amplifiers. But this amplifier got dynamic thermal management to keep its internal components cool. Operating on NOMAD, this amplifier can prevent shorting speakers and dangerously low speaker impedances.

This versatile amplifier has the High pass, low pass and as well as All pass operation. It allows you to obtain bass boosted, treble boosted, or all boosted sound respectively.

Pioneer GM-D8601 Class D Mono Amplifier

Pioneer GM-D8601 Class D Mono Amplifier
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Despite having a dramatic power improvement, this amplifier is yet smaller and versatile in its operation. Pioneer GM-D8601 is a Class D amplifier which is more efficient with less power dissipated as heat in the active devices.

This best car amplifier has wired bass boost remote control to adjust the bass level according to your music characteristics. It also includes variable low pass filter that allows you to adjust the frequency according to the subwoofer characteristics.

This amplifier has a bass knob which engages the bass EQ and stops the bass level from dropping at higher volumes.

Planet Audio AC5000.1D Anarchy Car Amplifier


Planet Audio AC5000.1D Anarchy
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With this amplifier everything is under your control, you can customize your sound with bass boost, switchable phase control, and remote subwoofer control. This best amplifier also has the subsonic filter that does not allow the subsonic frequencies to go through it and damage woofers.

You can achieve double performance by strapping this amplifier to another AC 5000. Due to its smaller heat sync and compact circuitry system, it maintains the reduction in cost size and weight.

This AC5000.1D Anarchy comes with protection and phase control thus preventing damage from overheating and short circuit. The original music is not according to your taste? The switchable input sensitivity allows you to customize the music to your desire.

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Kenwood KAC-M1804 Compact 4-channel Amplifier

Kenwood KAC-M1804 Compact 4-channel Amplifier
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This amplifier has aluminum heat sync design that prevents rusting in humidity making it suitable for marine applications. The amplifier uses plastic covers to protect its connections. It also has the conformal coated circuit board that keeps out moisture and salt.

In this amplifier, you do not remotely turn on wire, as this amplifier can sense incoming high-level signal and turns on all by itself. The combination of Class D and MOSFET power supply gives this amplifier higher efficiency.

The party does not end here as this amplifier also has variable low pass filter that allows matching the frequency of subwoofer to amplifier producing optimized bass.

JBL MA6004 4-Channel Full-Range Marine Amplifier

JBL MA6004 4-Channel Full-Range Marine Amplifier
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Marinized Circuit board allow this amplifier to work perfectly on both land and marine vehicles. Stainless steel hardware will enable it to work under the severe condition without any structural damage.

Built-in electronic crossover improves its efficiency by separating high-frequency sounds from low-frequency sounds. This amplifier is not only limited to your vehicle just put a headphone jack in your phone and enjoy your music.

You will never get the problem of overheating with this amplifier so you can use it continuously as long as you want. Easy to wire and stylish light indicators puts four moon passion to this amplifier.

BOSS Audio R1100M Car Amplifier


BOSS Audio R1100M
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This amplifier has both high and low power inputs providing you with the facility to listen to your favorite music anywhere. You don’t need to reach amplifier all the time. This amplifier has got remote subwoofer control system.

This amplifier comes with Monoblock Amplifier that rams up the bass of your audio with MOSFET power supply. Belonging from Class A/B increases its efficiency and sound quality by reducing distortion.

BOSS Audio R1100M uses variable input control to match the input to the output signal to produce optimum performance. You are a bass lover, and then this amplifier boosts the low bass using the switchable bass boost.

Frequently asked questions about 7 Best Car Amplifiers

Q. Can these amplifiers be connected to Radio with no RCA outputs?

A. No! These amplifiers cannot be connected to the factory stereo, and you should contact before buying one for Radio with no RCA Outputs.

Q. Can I use them on my motorcycle or VAT?

A. Yes! They can be used on motorcycle and VAT but make sure to install them at the dry environment and attach them with high power rating speaker like Polk Audio DB to avoid hearing issues.

Q. I want the best but also the second amplifier. Which one should I get?

A. All of these amplifiers are cheap and best with high performance and efficiency. Just go through from your requirements and find the right one from these 7 Best Car Amplifiers.


Built with metal and advanced technologies these  Best Car Amplifiers are the right ones for your dream audio quality. Despite having the latest technology and optimized heat sync system all of them are cheap and compact.

From versatility to quality and from protection to compactness these best amplifiers are ideal ones for your vehicles. Equip your car with these massively boosted amplifiers and let your vehicle bang with the bass

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